Fulfillment, custody and warehousing services

The owner of any trading business should take care of where to store their goods, where exactly the equipment will be and where it will go from to delivery to the buyer.

If you buy the goods by yourself in bulk and keep them until they are sold, the storage volume can be quite large. In addition, it is important to make storage costs scalable, which respond to seasonal surges in demand — that is, not to overpay for a warehouse if there is not a lot of goods, but also not to hammer it to the ceiling in a season.

We offer safe custody of your goods.
in our warehouse in Kiev near the Petrovka metro station!

Operations carried out in the framework of the service complete:

  1. Receipt of goods to the warehouse (rejection, stickering)
  2. Storage of goods
  3. Order picking
  4. Registration of accompanying documentation
  5. Packing orders
  6. Return Processing

Orders are processed immediately upon receipt and are delivered to the buyer ultra-fast according to the general shipping rates.

Why we are sure that this offer will be interesting for you?

It’s comfortable

Your orders are immediately completed and delivered to the delivery – there is no additional loss of time to get the goods from the supplier. The warehouse is located near traffic intersections, from here it is equally convenient to get to any part of the city.

It’s safe

The warehouse is located in a closed area, equipped with round-the-clock video surveillance and alarm systems.

It is reliable

We conclude a contract of liability and are responsible for the loss or damage to the goods.

In the end, it is cheap!

You only pay for the amount of storage that is actually used – we count only used shelves of shelving or pallet space. If storage needs have changed – nothing! We will find additional space for you or reduce the size of the account.

The cost of storage includes not only the warehouse area, but also the whole range of services – receiving goods, unloading vehicles, entering the received goods into the database, regular inventories and much more.

Compare our rates with the cost of renting even a small room, the cost of its equipment, the salary of the storekeeper and feel the difference!

How much is responsible storage
in our warehouse?

Shelf on shelving


10 USD20 USD
Convenient for small boxes or a small amount of goods. Each shelf has an area of ​​about one square. MeterFor large quantities of goods that are conveniently stored simply in pallets and completed immediately before delivery
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