Contract Logistics

Contract logistics – the key to gaining a competitive advantage for the trading business

Success in the modern economy comes to those who manage to be in the right place at the right time, thereby outperforming their competitors. Under the right place, we understand the multi-channel sales and diverse customer requirements for the purchase and sale of goods.

To stay ahead of competitors, you need to implement a competent policy of regional implementation of orders, returns, repair and replacement of products.

A lot of time and money is spent on the construction of processing points, recruitment of personnel and work with cargo, but this should not restrain business growth.

Dobra Delivery offers a network of cargo handling points, delivery centers, technology solutions and qualified specialists to service your supply chains, from storage and delivery of goods to work with returns and repairs.

Contract Logistics – Distribution

In whatever direction you develop, we will help you. We are specialist solutions. Specialists, technology and infrastructure of our service is always at your service.

We fully adapt our solutions to your business processes and provide you with a significant logistical advantage in the market. Dobra Delivery will help you to enter a new market or expand on the current one, speed up servicing, offer new services, increase seasonal stocks and reduce warehouse work. All this is faster, cheaper, better, more efficient.

Solutions: storage, delivery and service

The ability to take advantage of full-featured supply chains that meet all international standards provide significant advantages. We serve companies that operate in areas such as medicine, high technology, aerospace, industrial production, retail. Whatever you do, we will do our best to optimize logistics and reduce overhead costs.

Logistics services

Multichannel distribution. We can develop new or optimize existing business processes in retail, mail order delivery, e-commerce and delivery on the day of order.

Consulting services. Our experts can analyze business processes, resources and costs in your chains and propose complex solutions appropriate to your goals.

Inventory Management. Ensure prompt delivery by using our system of regional offices and technological solutions for inventory management. They can be easily adapted to suit your reporting requirements, workflow and regulations.

Technology. Eliminate the need to spend significant amounts of money and use unstable technology to manage your warehouse and handle a large number of orders. We propose to use ready-made automated solutions without investing in additional equipment, maintenance and personnel.

Why do clients use our capabilities in contract logistics?

For after sales service

Our clients create a wide network of integrated services in order to stimulate their development and make it controllable. Dobra Delivery offers a universal logistics service network that helps maintain a high level of after-sales service, reverse logistics, repair and replacement of equipment.

The network of local representative offices of intermediate logistics centers and specialists makes it possible to ensure the delivery of spare parts on the day of order or the next day after it, as well as speed up the process of returning and repairing goods by improving the efficiency of service centers and field technicians.

For high-tech companies

To sell goods or equipment in the domestic market, you must be ready to serve these markets. This is especially important for high-tech companies in highly competitive markets or equipment suppliers who must serve critical components as soon as possible.

Contract logistics through a well-established network of representative offices of Good Delivery will help you expand customer service capabilities ensuring you speed and reliability of delivery.

To fulfill urgent orders

Quickly send parts to repair equipment that failed at a remote facility, replenish stocks in intermediate logistics centers in case of an urgent order using delivery services today-today, delivery 48 hours, 24 hours and even faster.

Dobra Delivery operates throughout the country in a network of 46 offices for the transport of important items on the day of order (with delivery times of 2 to 8 hours) or the next day. Use our services, and you can always fulfill your obligations regarding the speed of service.

For the organization of a delivery network and planning of spare parts inventory

Thanks to our ability to accurately plan inventory of spare parts, you can keep a minimum amount of goods in stock and provide the highest level of service.

By delivering parts to places convenient for your technical specialists, you can increase the productivity of their work and provide more flexible delivery options. Contract Logistics – Take full advantage! ..

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