Delivery Kiev

Dobra Delivery Kiev carries out urgent and regular delivery of correspondence and cargo in Kiev for any business, as well as goods from online stores.

Home delivery, office, warehouse

parcels and gifts, goods online stores, letters of companies and cargo transportation does not stop for a day. We transport thousands and thousands of diverse shipments around Kiev daily.

Universal tariffs are valid in all major cities of Ukraine, where Dobra Delivery services offices (46 offices over Ukraine) are open, for intracity delivery of any types of shipments.

Any fare depends on the nature of the shipment, geography, weight, size, urgency and cost. Tariffs for delivery by main cities see in the section – Delivery in Ukraine. Please note we deliver goods to any point in Ukraine.

Price for package delivery

or shipping in general depends on:

  • nature of departure (which we carry)
  • geography (from where and where we carry)
  • weight (how much is the weight)
  • dimensions (how much shipping is great)
  • Urgency (how quickly you need to deliver the package)
  • and cost (how much is the load).

When you make an order of lading in the My Account, you will immediately see the cost of delivery, taking into account all the parameters.

But for your convenience, we have made simple and convenient Single Tariffs for bulk shipments (those of which 90% are in the majority).

Kiev – Delivery of mail and B2B cargo:

For mail and B2B cargo on a door-to-door basis for any business:

Economy Delivery – the next day: the first 0.5 kg. – 2 USD., Each subsequent 0.5 kg. – 0.1 USD.

Dobra Delivery till 18-00 – day-to-day (when receiving till 14-00): the first 0,5 kg. – 3 USD., Every subsequent 0.5 kg. – 0.1 USD.

Dobra Delivery before 13-00 – day-to-day (upon receipt before 10-00): the first 0.5 kg. – 5 USD., Every subsequent 0.5 kg. – 0.2 USD.

Dobra Delivery before 10-00 – day-to-day (when receiving yesterday, or morning receiving from regions) – the first 0.5 kg. – 8 USD., Each subsequent 0.5 kg. – 0.2 USD.

Kiev – Delivery for online stores:

For B2C online stores, any goods from the “hand to hand” principle:

The main tariff for 90% of mass goods is for packages weighing up to 3 kg., Of small dimensions, costing up to 3000 UAH. according to the principle “from hand to hand”. KPI of awards – 99.6%!

Dobra Delivery 5 ***** all inclusive (when ordering before 12-00, day-to-day) – 3 USD.

Dobra Delivery 5 ***** all inclusive (when ordering at any time with delivery the next day) – 3 USD.

Single delivery (single, when ordering before 12-00, day-to-day or the next day) – 4 USD.

Convenient delivery (when ordering before 14-00, receiving before 15-00, day-to-day) – 4 USD.

Fast express delivery by special courier (within 2 hours) – 5 USD.

Priority delivery (fast, on the whistle – immediately went, immediately handed) – 8 UAH.

5 ***** all inclusive means – a single tariff for 90% of mass goods – all inclusive – payment control, fast delivery and quick settlement, one repeated delivery, passing returns, delivery confirmation, call to the recipient, and not one!

Payment for the weight (for more – physical or bulk) – 0.2 USD per 1 kg. You can pay for additional services for goods of greater value, weight and size.

 Cargo delivery Kiev

For contract trade logistics – regular cargo at permanent addresses in Kiev:

The tariff for contract logistics in each technological case is set individually and depends on the geography of addresses, the nature of the cargo, the duration of the typical flight, the total weight and dimensions, the required schedule and the time of guaranteed delivery.

Transportation of goods in Kiev can be tied to a specified time, limited to a specific period. The number of flights can be spelled out and the exact route should be specified.

Our specialists have extensive experience in developing technology solutions for various industries, so we can guarantee low cost and convenience.

The tariff can be from 0.1 USD., for 0.5 kg, from 1 USD., for the address, from 0.2 USD., for 1 km. from 8 USD per hour and other variable parameters that are individual for each solution. Contact us, we will count! ..

The same tariffs apply in all major cities of Ukraine! Contact us from any city or country