For Online Stores

Dobra Delivery – offers courier services to online stores, ultrafast delivery, special rates, special service. We provide you with additional benefits. Address delivery to the door is available anywhere in Ukraine (46 representative offices) the next day, and in Kiev – day-to-day.

Dobra Delivery – a service specialist in organizing the delivery of the “last mile”, reducing the time to the shortest. Complex of fulfillment services allows for faster delivery and optimized storage costs.

Super fast delivery

Across Kiev, the order till 12-00, readiness of sending for selection till 14-00, delivery – on the same day from 15-00 till 20-00, across Ukraine – next day!

The most popular format – fast delivery day-to-day leads to an increase in orders from any online store that uses Good Delivery. There were no exceptions! ..

The practice of our service shows that any online store can count on repeated purchases, reducing the number of failures, reducing the cost of returns and customer loyalty. We watch all the time how customer reviews about stores change for the better after the start of cooperation between these stores with the Delivery Dobra.

Smooth operation

Order – at any time, delivery – as fast as possible! See what time frame our service provides! In the market of such quality and speed almost no one can achieve.

We have achieved this because we act according to international standards and comply with the requirements of large international courier services, for which we deliver packages and cargo within Ukraine.

Maximum delivery – minimum returns

KPI successful delivery of 99.6%! The special rate of Dobra Delivery all inclusive includes re-delivery and possible forwarding, which significantly increases the success of the delivery if the recipient missed the courier or his plans changed. We deliver the best!

The best tariffs for courier services online stores

Parcel delivery up to 3 kg, up to 100 USD, day-per-day around the city – 2 USD. The price includes payment control services, passing settlement and passing return, re-delivery and forwarding as agreed with the recipient.
In Ukraine – (when ordering before 15-00, receiving before 17-00, the next day until 18-00) – 3 USD.

Payment for weight and volume – 0.2 USD / kg.
this means, for example, that the delivery of a box of shoes or a smartphone is 2 USD, a 5 kg laptop is 3 USD, and 15 kg. microwave – 4 USD, etc.

Please note – the tariff is designed for permanent work, any one-time delivery – 4 USD.

There are no separate rates for the selection of items – nothing extra.

Payment control

The most painful question for online stores control of payment by the recipient of the goods is easy! For the most massive segment of parcels cost up to 100 USD. – the service is free. Service declaration value up to 100 USD. – free! Any online store has the ability to monitor payment and receive payment from customers daily. To learn more – contact your personal manager.

100% compensation in case of loss or damage

For goods the value of which is declared, up to 100 USD is free of charge, and for a higher value with payment of 2% of the value of the additional service, in case of loss or damage, 100% compensation is provided for the cost.

Return bounce

Fair return within the city (with a new order) – for free. Special refund – according to the tariffs. Return in Ukraine – 50% of the cost of delivery.

Competitive shipping rates

Courier services online stores

in Kyiv

in Ukraine

out of city

from Ukraine

Dobra Delivery knows all the problems of online stores and is able to solve them. More than 100 online stores entrust us with their products, many of them have increased significantly over the years of cooperation. Let’s grow the business together!

The same tariffs apply in all major cities of Ukraine! Contact us from any city.