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Courier delivery tariffs for any business – your attention!

If you find it difficult to calculate how much your order is worth – just call us tel. 063-181-41-73

For regular customers, everything is always cheap, reliable, they can not rejoice on us.))

Best tariffs:

For online stores – 5 ***** all inclusive – parcel delivery up to 3 kg, up to 3000 UAH, day-per-day in the city – 3 USD. The price includes payment control services, passing settlement and passing return, repeated delivery and forwarding in agreement with the recipient.

For correspondence in the main cities of Ukraine – delivery of an envelope up to 0.5 kg the next day – 3 USD., Delivery of an envelope up to 0.5 kg in 1-3 days is 2 USD, the price includes delivery control in your account.

For trade logistics – regular heavy loads in Kiev – 0.1 USD. for 0.5 kg, in Ukraine – 0.2 USD. for 0.5 kg. + address delivery to any address.

More information about prices for the services of our service:

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Additional services

Industry Solutions for Online Stores

Contract Logistics – Regular Cargo at Permanent Addresses

Delivery terms

You can always check and control the current exact cost of each specific shipment according to universal or individual rates in your Personal Account.

You can discuss individual tariffs, discounts and deferment of payment, as well as any deviations from universal tariffs with your personal manager. We always meet the needs and wishes of customers.

Making an order is very simple – fill out a short convenient form and send it to zakaz@dostavkadobra.com.ua!