Delivery terms

Good Delivery – a service that delivers ANY shipments for ANY business with orders sent at ANY time, with selection at ANY agreed upon time convenient for the customer. We provide short delivery times, we deliver as quickly as possible and more than once in the event of a change in the recipient’s plans.

Current periods of delivery in Kiev:

Early. Order up to 10-30, ready to send for selection to 12-00, delivery on the same day from 13-00 to 20-00

Main. Order until 12-00, ready to send for selection until 14-00, delivery on the same day from 15-00 to 20-00

Convenient. Order before 14-00, ready to send for selection to 16-00, delivery the next day from 8-00 to 20-00

Late. Order until 20-00, ready to send for selection to 10-00, delivery the next day from 11-00 to 20-00


Good Delivery receives an order from the evening or until 12-00 – delivery the day.
And if Dobra Delivery receives the order after 12-00 – delivery the next day.

Short delivery termes in Ukraine:

Order in Kiev before 15-00, ready to send up to 16-00, delivery the next day in all major cities of Ukraine from 8-00 to 20-00

For regional online stores. Upon receipt of the shipment in Kiev before 12-00, delivery the day. Upon receipt of the shipment after 12-00, next day delivery

For delivery in the Kiev region. Upon receipt of the shipment in Kiev before 16-00 delivery to regional cities – the next day.

Short delivery terms abroad in 226 countries of the world:

In FedEx network – delivery 1-3 day

In Aramex network – delivery 2-5 days

In UPS network – delivery 3-7 days

These terms of delivery of shipments abroad are specified from the moment of departure from Kiev. Delivery times for shipments from other cities are increased by 1-2 days – the time spent on the road to Kiev and customs clearance.

The delivery time for items of non-documentary nature is increased by the time required for customs clearance in the country of destination.

Why we are sure that this offer will be interesting for you?

We meet international standards !!!

Our service delivers international mail in Ukraine, as well as goods from foreign online stores. Therefore, the delivery time and technology comply with the requirements of world courier services – FedEx, Aramex.

Using our service you get delivery to world standards.

We act quickly – super fast !!!

Our experience shows that the speed of delivery greatly affects the satisfaction of the recipient. This is especially important for online stores, as a satisfied buyer will always return.

Negative experience when buying in e-commerce is the delivery slowly or at the wrong time. Since we, miracle, do the opposite – quickly and on time, sales of our customers are always growing.

We guarantee

If our service has signed the conditions for guaranteed selection of items at a certain time, then it will be done at the agreed time. Certainty is important to many clients. Especially those who send a lot and every day. There was no such thing that we did not come if promised. Even in bad weather, even on a holiday.

It is reliable

We are responsible for the safety of shipments within the minimum guaranteed amount and are financially responsible for the loss or damage of shipments. If force majeure happened with a shipment with an arbitrarily declared value, which was paid according to the tariffs, we will compensate for the full declared value of the cargo.

In the end, it is cheap!

Yes, for those who are not so important speed, how much the cost of shipments, there are reduced individual rates!

At the same time, if there is a physical possibility, such items are also delivered as quickly as possible.

Making an order is very simple – fill out a short convenient form and wait for the call of our employee!