Cooperation and partnership are key principles in long-term relationships with all of our counterparties.

We are open and love to communicate. Feel free to contact us with your wishes and suggestions.

For cooperation, if you have something to offer us or we have something to offer you – write us an email to, or call us by phone.

To customers

If you are interested in any of the proposals that are published on the site, feel free to contact us.

We really do what others do poorly, with difficulty or not at all. We have 20 years of experience in express courier delivery, contract logistics and e-commerce.

Many clients come to us experiencing significant problems with some aspects of our core business and we successfully solve them within our technological approaches.

Want to improve your business? Problems with logistics and delivery prevent to develop? We can definitely help.

For suppliers

If you are a supplier of consumables, packaging, related products, working with other companies in the market of courier delivery and logistics – send us your commercial offer.

We guarantee that we will carefully consider every offer that comes to us, and, perhaps, we will start cooperation if it seems attractive to us.

We always strive to reduce the cost of our services or to provide our customers with additional services.

If you provide related services that from your point of view may be useful to us in the framework of our business, make us your offer.

Contracting organizations

Cooperation and partnership – iur credo. If you are a contractor in the market of express delivery, logistics, transportation or e-commerce in Kiev, regions of Ukraine or abroad, we are also looking forward to your commercial offer.

Our offices operate in all major cities of Ukraine! Contact us from any country.