Additional services

Additional courier delivery services are in demand by different businesses depending on the challenges. All services are in demand and can be used on request at any time.

Delivery of oversized cargo

The calculation of the cost of any delivery is carried out on the physical weight of the shipment along with the package. But if the volumetric weight exceeds the physical one, the calculation is carried out by volumetric weight. The formula for calculating the volume weight: length (cm) * width (cm) * height (cm) / 3000

Oversized cargo is considered to be a consignment with a weight exceeding 50 kg. for one place, or with a volume of more than 1 m3., or with a length of any size more than 1.05 m. When calculating the cost, a coefficient from 1.3 to 3 is applied to the basic tariff depending on the nature of the cargo.

Delivery Personally in Hand

The cost of this service is 1 USD. The cost is added to the basic fare of departure.

The service is valid for shipments only within Ukraine. For international shipments this service is not available.

Please note – no one other than the recipient specified in the bill of lading can receive this shipment. If the recipient has left, is ill, refuses to accept the package, the delivery will not take place.

It is possible to change the recipient by contacting the personal manager. A change of recipient is charged as a re-delivery.

Delivery after hours, holidays, weekends

Additional courier delivery services – delivery or receipt of parcels during off-hours, holidays or weekends is charged according to universal tariffs, the Dobra Delivery + 100% service.

The order of the service must be coordinated with the personal manager.

Forwarding and re-delivery

The service is used in case of an erroneously specified address, contact information of the recipient, the absence of the recipient at the address. Within Ukraine, the cost is paid according to the ordered service. In the case of redirection to another city of Ukraine – the cost of the tariff for delivery to the specified city, according to the ordered service.

A unique opportunity – only the tariff Dobra Delivery All inclusive for online stores includes the cost of one forwarding or re-delivery. This almost up to 100% increases the successful delivery of goods to individuals.

Forwarding abroad within the city is 10 USD. for the first 0.5 kg, and 5 USD for every subsequent 0.5 kg. The cost of forwarding to another country – is agreed separately.

Cost declaration

Additional courier delivery services – the sender has the right to declare the cost of the item and receive 100% compensation for the declared value in case of loss or damage to the item, for which it additionally pays 2% of the declared value.

A unique opportunity – individual rates for contract logistics include the service of declaring the value of 0.5% !!!

A unique opportunity – only the tariff Dobra Delivery all inclusive for online stores includes the service of declaring the cost for packages up to 100 USD.

Return the original bill of lading signed by the recipient

The cost of the service is equal to the tariff for the delivery of the item to the destination of the recipient for the minimum service. The service is valid for shipments only within Ukraine. For international shipments this service is available only by prior agreement.


The cost is 30% of the tariff for delivery, but not less than 1 USD., For one shipment. In case of ordering this service, delivery times may slightly increase depending on the complexity of sorting work.

A unique opportunity – for online stores using fulfillment service, sorting and order picking – for free.

Additional packaging

The cost of additional packaging with the use of materials (bags, boxes, packing tape, packages, etc.) – by agreement, from 1 to 2 USD for one place. The customer chooses the type of packaging at his discretion, depending on the nature of the packaged goods.

Packaging of bottles – 1 USD for each packaged bottle.

All additional services are valid everywhere in Ukraine. Contact us from any country of the world!