Delivery to Ukraine

Delivery of goods from abroad from any country in the world!

We transport goods online stores from any city of Ukraine to foreign buyers.
We transport goods for online stores from suppliers from abroad to a warehouse in Kiev.

Delivery of correspondence and cargo from abroad takes place in the networks of top international services FedEx, Aramex, UPS, depending on the nature of the cargo, the place of departure and destination, as well as weight, dimensions and accompanying documents.

Delivery of goods from abroad. Import work algorithm is as follows

We receive an application for the selection of cargo abroad, send it to our service in the country of departure, which should confirm our ability to pick up the cargo at the address specified by the customer and the ability to carry out customs clearance of the cargo.

If the confirmation is received, we give the client the amount of delivery, which depends on the country of departure, the expected weight and dimensions of the departure, we receive an advance payment, after which the order begins its way to Ukraine.

If the cargo is estimated by the sender is more expensive than 150 euros or the recipient of the legal entity, the recipient will have to pay a VAT of 20% and customs duties in the amount of 5-15% of the declared value of the cargo. Otherwise, i.e. if the cargo goes to Ukraine on an individual and is cheaper than 150 euros, we carry out customs procedures automatically, and the departure will simply arrive at the address.

The average cost of delivery of any permitted cargo from most countries of the world is 65 USD for the first 0.5 kg, 10 USD for every additional 0.5 kg. Delivery time usually does not exceed 10 business days. Important note – In case the recipient refuses to participate in customs clearance (for goods over 150 euros) and pay customs duties and duties to the state of Ukraine, the cargo will not pass through customs and cannot be received.

Примерная стоимость доставки грузов

Prices for delivery to Ukraine

export till 0,5 кgimport till 0,5 kgexport next 0,5 kgimport next 0,5 kg
65 USD.80 USD.10 USD10 USD.

Delivery of goods abroad and from abroad has certain procedures. The total cost of delivery may differ from the given, depending on the geography, weight, size and nature of the goods.

If you need to get the goods in another city – keep in mind that the delivery time may increase by another 1-2 working days. You can call to your courier
In addition, if necessary, we can provide return shipping.

Any advice on foreign logistics, to find out the cost of departure, to get advice on the cost and procedures – by phone. 067-823-38-74